Friday, 17 January 2020

Making Ice Cream [music video]

Towards the end of last summer I was part of a small camera crew to squeeze into an even smaller wooden cabin for a shoot on a slice of Hertfordshire farmland. We were there to make the music video for Ice Cream, a single from Irish singer-songwriter Tod Doyle (arguably the best thing to come out of Ireland since Father Ted).

Tod on set.
Me on set.
We shot the video over two days, fuelled by copious amounts of pastries and flapjacks like all good shoots are. However, considering the name of the song there was a disappointing lack of ice cream due to the freezer's close proximity to the cabin's log burner. Melted Cornetto anyone?

Camera porn.
Tod and I had first met in Budapest more moons ago than either of us could reliably remember and we had similarly hazy memories of loose backpacker shenanigans and raucous guitar-led singalongs. He had emerged from the chaos with his Irish folk songs which became anthems of a good few Hungarian summers.

Tod back in the day (Budapest, 2012)

I've since edited the video and it's now live for all to see:

Tod has more new music coming soon so look out for it on your favourite music streaming service (and by that I mean Spotify, obviously). I've been privy to a couple of tracks in the pipeline and I can assure you they're worth the wait.

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