Friday, 16 February 2018

Film festival update

My work is on show at several film festivals over the next few months. Here's what and where.

A Southern Quest:

US: Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, 18th February
IE: Killarney Mountain Festival, 10th March
US: Wasatch Mountain Film Festival, 2nd - 8th April

A Southern Quest was a long time in the oven and is now gaining much-deserved traction at adventure film festivals. The film follows an ambitious expedition led by renowned climber Stephen Venables to conqueror unclimbed peaks on the Antarctic island of South Georgia.

My role began as editor but I've since taken on shooting and producing responsibilities and I'm delighted to see all the hard work paying off.

As an added bonus, Stephen Venables - the undisputed star of the film thanks to his effortless charm and witty one-liners - also happens to be giving a talk at the Killarney Mountain Festival about his  experiences climbing Mount Everest on a famous trip in 1988.

Austerity Britain: Grenfell

GB: Shorts On Tap, tbc
GB: Beer Town Film Festival, 26th May

There's always a worry that a film about a particular event or tragedy will quickly become outdated and irrelevant. Not so with a film about the Grenfell disaster. As we learn more and more about the causes of the fire and the subsequent lacklustre response from the authorities, it's as pertinent as ever to reflect on the lessons society and government haven't yet learnt.

This film was part of a four-part series I produced, directed and edited last year about the devastating societal effects of idealogical austerity. The fire at Grenfell happened after the first two parts had been released and was an obvious focus for the final instalment as it encapsulates the 'culture of cuts' so horrifically well.

When I submitted the film to the Beer Town Film Festival I thought it was being held in the quaint Cornish coastal town of Beer. However, it turns out the 'beer' in this instance is literal and the festival is in fact being hosted by a brewery in Staffordshire. 

As a perk for being involved I'm entitled to 'brewery benefits' which I'm sincerely hoping is just another way of saying 'free beer'.