Monday, 15 August 2016

The Humanitarian Film Festival

The Humanitarian Film Festival begins today and my short film The Other Human was among the 12 films selected to feature. The festival, in support of the UN's World Humanitarian Day this month, is showcasing films that exemplify compassion and empathy for all human beings.

I shot The Other Human on a trip to Athens at the height of the Greek Depression, and just as refugees had begun arriving from across the Mediterranean in high numbers. I met Kostas - the kind, warm-hearted Athenian in the film - and joined him as he cooked "free food for all" on the streets of the Greek capital.

There are many desperate, hungry people who have benefited from the compassion of Kostas, a man who truly believes that "no victims are necessary".

The Other Human was originally shared on Destination: Utopia last year, my platform sharing ideas and initiatives that inspire positive change. Please follow D:U on Twitter @DestUtopia or visit the website here.

You can watch the film on the festival's website here... and if you think it's worthy, please vote for it here.