Saturday, 11 April 2015

[film] Iron Heart

For the second time in as many months, purely by coincidence, I found myself jetting off to the wind-battered island of Fuerteventura as part of a small production team filming an extremely fit person being more active than I've ever been. I took it as fate's way of telling me I should look at changing my lifestyle (just one more summer, fate, I promise!)

This time the truly inspirational Elmar Sprink was the focus of our attention. Elmar is a German triathlete whose extraordinary story will be told in our feature length documentary Iron Heart, coming later this year. For now, I've cut this teaser which we're all very proud of:

Over the next few months we'll be following Elmar around Europe - from the pine-filled hills of Northeastern Mallorca to Hansel and Gretel's very own Black Forest in Southwestern Germany - as he trains for the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt this summer. The fact Elmar is even up and about is testament to his sheer determination; the fact he's competing in one of the world's most gruellingly competitive triathlons is nothing short of astonishing.