Wednesday, 31 May 2017

[Film] Austerity Britain

As Theresa May constantly loves to remind us, there's a very clear choice in this general election. That choice basically boils down to continued austerity with the Conservative Party, or the end of austerity with Labour.

Since 2010, government austerity measures have led to ravaged public services, increased levels of inequality and the largest decline in living standards since the 1920's. But none of this has been an accident: that's exactly what austerity is supposed to do. This is not a flaw in the system, it's a built-in design.

From education to the arts, infrastructure to health, and children to the elderly. Nothing and no one is safe from the ever-tightening government purse strings. They argue it's simply “living within our means”, but does it actually have to be this way?

Austerity Britain is a series of short films that challenge the claim that "we're all in this together", exposing the 'culture of cuts' as a counter-productive ideological obsession. The first part is due to be out on Sub Productions this Friday, but for now you can view the trailer here:

As we approach this general election the tide is turning. People are starting to realise they've been lied to. Cutting through the bullshit requires a certain level of commitment, but more and more people are taking it upon themselves to get responsibly informed, and that's being reflected in the polls.

Consider how Labour's popularity surge coincides with the broadcast impartiality rules of a general election kicking in. When people are presented with a more unbiased, balanced view it's clear whose brand of politics is more popular.

Consider how the Conservatives didn't once encourage voter registration in the run-up to the deadline through their social media channels. This tells you everything you need to know: a poor voter turn-out works in their favour. Their mindset is outdated. They don't represent a modern society.

Consider how Labour's policies are resonating with the public and - in sheer desperation - the only ammunition for a counterattack comes in the form of stuff Jeremy Corbyn said decades ago, knowingly taken out of context.

If the tide doesn't turn quite in time for this election, it surely won't be far away. Until then we must endure the rotting corpse of conservatism, but it's only a matter of time until a more progressive, inclusive and compassionate brand of politics takes hold.

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