Friday, 8 July 2016

[film] Blair and the Chilcot Report

Six years late and 2.6 million words long, the Chilcot Report - the long-awaited inquiry into the Iraq War - is longer than the Bible, the complete works of Shakespeare and Tolstoy's War And Peace combined. Thankfully, there's a summary.

Understandably, there are a lot of angry people. Angry that we went to war in the first place; angry that so many lives have been lost; angry that the report was so late; and angry that it looks likely that Tony Blair won't face the justice many people feel he deserves for leading Britain into a war based on lies.

When the Chilcot Report was finally released at a conference centre in Westminster, I joined the hundreds outside the venue all gathered to remind Tony Blair that he has not been forgiven. Organised by the Stop the War Coalition, the demonstration was as big as can be expected for a weekday morning and features in this film I've made for Brace Club on the whole Blair fiasco:

Since the report was released on Tuesday, Tony Blair has defended his decision to invade Iraq. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn's bucket list got shorter as he was finally able to officially apologise for the war on behalf of the Labour Party.

At the very least, hopefully the surprisingly damning nature of the report will force Blair to wind his neck in. Perhaps now he'll think twice before referring to others as a "dangerous experiment", when his actions have been responsible for - according to some estimations, because no one actually knows - over a million human deaths.

Blood on his hands: Blair waves at protesters